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Last Day as a Beersmith

Yesterday was my last day as a "Beersmith".

It could not have been a better last day at a job. I was surrounded by dozens of people that had become some of my closest friends over the last few years and that have helped to mold me into the person I am today. Bex, our Taproom Manager, had a hilarious loop of photos from my time at SingleCut playing on the projectors all day and even a farewell message with the Fox N Hare logo to boot!

For those of you who do now know, I have worked in some capacity at SingleCut Beersmiths in Astoria, Queens, NYC for the last four and a half years. Working at SingleCut has been pivotal in preparing me for taking on the enormous undertaking of opening and operating Fox N Hare Brewing Company.

From zesting and juicing hundreds of oranges for batches of "Jan Olympic White Lager" to my first trip to Great American Beer Festival; from adopting my dog Ester to playing the elevated stage at SingleCut with my band The Green Gallows; from becoming a Certified Cicerone® to marrying my wife (and then co-worker) Kate; from being interviewed by numerous news outlets to giving hundreds of brewery tours to curious guests; from grueling days of keg deliveries to late nights in the Taproom; for the last few years my life has orbited the sun that is SingleCut much like tens of thousands of vinyl records that have spun in the Taproom since it opened in December of 2012.

The people that I have met at SingleCut over the years, be they co-workers or customers, are what really made SingleCut special. Some places on this planet just seem to naturally, almost magnetically, attract the most brilliant, talented and like-minded individuals. SingleCut is most certainly one of those places. I could list dozens of friends that I have made in the past few years, many of whom are now doing truly remarkable things, but I am sure that I would leave someone out that deserves to be mentioned.

You are all loved and will be missed (at least until you come up to Port Jervis for some Fox N Hare beers!).

Speaking of which, I am leaving SingleCut so as to focus the entirety of my time and energy into getting Fox N Hare Brewing Co. open by late September. Expect a grand opening the weekend of the 25th Anniversary Fall Foliage Festival here in Port Jervis, the last week of September.

Finally, I would like to thank SingleCut's owner and Brewmaster, Rich Buceta, for being a class-act and allowing me to continue to work for him after I informed in January of last year (2016) that a friend and I had acquired a building in Port Jervis, New York and that we intended to open a brewery, bar and restaurant in the space. I was very anxious that he would be disappointed and even angry with me, but instead he was extremely supportive and excited for me. He has been an invaluable source of advice for me as a novice business owner. The story of Rich opening SingleCut and creating what he always referred to as his "Beer Empire" is truly inspiring and definitely made me believe that anyone with enough will, patience and hard work can accomplish anything.

Beerdsmith, signing off....

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