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Christmas came a little late this year, but we could not be more excited. We finally closed a deal with the City of Port Jervis to take over the title of 46-48 Front Street. As part of the Mayor’s effort to re-engage and revitalize the downtown area of Port Jervis, they (The City) agreed to deed us the title of a 3 story building in exchange for the promise to bring the building up to code in an effort to help stimulate the growth and renewal of downtown Port Jervis.

This type of exchange is not uncommon and has occurred in many other small towns and cities that are attempting to turn a new leaf. I can see where certain residents might scoff at the thought of simply giving away buildings that the city could try and collect outstanding debt and taxes on, but in many of these cases the local government will never recoup the debt, and in many cases some of these structures will otherwise fall into disrepair or in the case of ours, potentially be torn down.

Definitely a huge shout out to Mayor Kelly, Debbie Raia, Gordon Gaff, Pablo Svirsky and William Bavoso for getting things together and making this possible. Things always take longer than desired, but everything came together in the end and now the real work begins. Please excuse the look of our building over the coming months as we begin to clean out and restore the building. If we are causing any major inconvenience feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to becoming a part of the community.

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