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We at Fox N Hare Brewing Co. are aware that there are many people who have never had the opportunity or option to visit a modern day craft brewery. More so, we realize that many people have no desire or interest to ever set foot in one. This is perfectly acceptable because not all things are meant for all people. However, it is important to understand the potential social and economic impact that a brewery can provide on a small town or city.

The modern-day craft brewery differs from the large-scale monsters of the past in that modern-day craft breweries celebrate beer as an artisanal artform and not simply a pipeline for getting shit-faced. The people who frequent modern breweries actually care about the craft, quality and flavor of a product and they tend to enjoy going out of there way to try new, unique beers and to see new, unique places. Like the winery-goers of the nineties, “beer-nerds” are willing to travel great distances because of a brewer’s reputation and/or a brewery’s products. This can come in the form of day trips, overnight excursions or even shuttled bus tours.

The Fox N Hare can become a substantial attraction to historic downtown Port Jervis. While many breweries continue to operate their taproom out of nondescript warehouses, we feel it would be an inexcusable missed opportunity not to become part of the community. We want to offer something different, something more meaningful.

In the past two decades, breweries have played a significant role in revitalizing urban districts across the country. Breweries can help increase tourism as well as attract new residents, which helps to sustain current small businesses as well as stimulate and grow new businesses. This tends to be especially true of smaller breweries, which has been iterated by Tom McCormick, the executive director of the California Craft Brewers Association. Tom explains, "Smaller breweries seem to stimulate economic development and revitalization and really create a vibrant economy around them."

We waited for the right time and place to move forward with this project and have great confidence in our decision to locate in Port Jervis, NY. We believe in the direction of the current local leadership and the potential for us to be an integral part of the comprehensive plan for the revitalization of Port Jervis.

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