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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I have to say that we here at Fox N Hare Brewing Co. are very thankful for all of the wonderful support we have seen from Port Jervis locals on our social media. Exciting times!

Even more exciting is the fact that David and I were able to spend our Thanksgiving trying a couple of our first pilot batches. Here’s how they turned out:

The Neversink Gold (v1.0) turned out about how I expected it to: very light in body, with no hop aroma, mild flavor and a bready finish. Precisely what I believe a domestic lager drinker might find appealing if they came into the taproom. However, I definitely intend on adding an aroma addition as well as a bittering addition to the next batch, as the beer was entirely too mild and was even bordering on unbalanced in the finish. Even domestic lagers have somewhat of a mildly-sharp finish, and I think a touch of Spalt spice might make the aftertaste that much more pleasant.

The Tall Pines IPA (v1.0) turned out absolutely spectacular. Both David and I agreed that the tweaks I had made to the hop schedule made the beer practically perfect. The beer started with the intense citrus and stone fruit aroma that you would expect from a Citra dry-hop and the first wort addition I did definitely gave it a delicious, rounded hop-flavor. The touch of Munich I added to the malt bill added just a very subtle increase in the very clean body. It did have an assertive bitter finish on the first day of tasting, but that faded quickly over the next couple of days. The one thing I might consider changing is ever-so slightly decreasing the size of the bittering addition.

Thanks as always for following along! Looking forward to brewing our first version of our Porter on the first of December.

Until then, cheers!

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