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We here at Fox N Hare Brewing Company strive to create a product that uses wholesome ingredients, ethical and transparent brewing techniques and sustainable business practices. We place a high emphasis on quality control and consistent product, which is why every drop of our beer will be made in our brewery, by our brewers. Our goal is to be transparent in our brewing and service processes from grain to glass, which is why we have made our brewery open and visible to the public. We are proud to be an Certified Independent Craft Brewery recognized by the Brewers Association.

An important part of transparency is an educated public that understands what sets our product apart from the others. Our head brewer, Sean Donnelly, is a Certified Cicerone©, or as he calls it “a card-carrying beer dork” and is extremely passionate about beer and brewing education. Offering educational tours, food and beer pairings and holding our staff to certain standards of beer education are just a few ways that we will help our customers learn about what makes the brewing process so very incredible, all while encouraging the responsible enjoyment of the miracle that is beer.

Brewers Association Certified Independent Craft Brewery Seal Trademark


The Fox N Hare uses in-house food preparation and the selection of quality products and produce to create a memorable dining experience. We go the extra mile to create our own sauces, rubs and dressings to ensure fresh and flavorful meals. One of our many food initiatives is to significantly reduce the amount of preservatives that occur in our food. Many modern meals are  packed with unnecessary preservatives which do nothing to enhance the flavor of the food.

Our menu is a compilation of diverse food items that are inspired by dishes we have had from our travels across the country and contain items for vegans, vegetarians and dishes that are gluten free.


Water is an increasingly scarce resource, and beer is made up of 95 percent water.  We are committed to protecting this invaluable resource in our brewery operations, giving heavy consideration to both minimize and reuse potable water.  The proximity to the Delaware River is an amazing ecological resource and we hope to use it to help promote water conservation. We will give consideration to partner with community members and local organizations to conduct projects that improve water awareness, water quality, and/or water management resources.


Fox N Hare will immediately start tracking water usage per barrel brewed, sold, and packaged. Data will be recorded, monitored, and reported on a regular basis, which will lead to employee training and discussions that educate employees on new findings.


Our brewing process byproducts are not wastes to dispose of, but resources with a beneficial reuse. We use spent grain as a soil amendment, healthy dog biscuits and feed for local livestock. Any waste that can be recycled will be properly recycled. Such products include paper and plastics.