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What was the overall design vision/inspiration for the project?

As lame as it sounds, we kinda let the building be what it once was. As times goes on, building materials change drastically and when enough time elapses, older building materials start to take-on charm and qualities that really stick out for better or for worse. Take exposed brick for example, exposed brick was hi...

Yesterday was my last day as a "Beersmith".  

It could not have been a better last day at a job.  I was surrounded by dozens of people that had become some of my closest friends over the last few years and that have helped to mold me into the person I am today.  Bex, our Taproom Manager, had a hilarious loop of photos from my time at SingleCut playing on the projectors all day...

“With the way water is being managed, we will run out of water long before we run out of fuel.”

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe,

Chairman of Nestlé Group

As a brewer and a card-carrying tree-hugger, one of the first things that I immediately found unsettling about the brewing process, especially on a commercial scale, was the gross amount of water that a brewer uses to create their produc...

We at Fox N Hare Brewing Co. are aware that there are many people who have never had the opportunity or option to visit a modern day craft brewery. More so, we realize that many people have no desire or interest to ever set foot in one. This is perfectly acceptable because not all things are meant for all people. However, it is important to understand the potential social and...

New month, new pilot batch!

It’s December and although it is unseasonably warm outside, I am still very much in the mood for dark, roasty beer.

Today we brewed the first official pilot batch of a porter that we are tentatively calling “Midnight, Fireside”. This name evokes roasted aromas and flavors like campfire smoke, graham crackers and chocolate.

As always, I keep my recipes...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  


I have to say that we here at Fox N Hare Brewing Co. are very thankful for all of the wonderful support we have seen from Port Jervis locals on our social media. Exciting times!


Even more exciting is the fact that David and I were able to spend our Thanksgiving trying a couple of our first pilot batches.  Here’s how they turned out:


The Neversink...

Very, very happy to announce that the Fox N Hare Brewing Co. is officially a brewery in progress. We have acquired a 3-story tall building in the historic town of Port Jervis NY and have developed the initial drawings for construction. The journey is bound to present significant struggles and challenges, but we are committed to adding yet another great small town brewery to th...

We are still ages away from any type of ribbon cutting ceremony, but it is incredibly important for us to start to perfect some of the recipes we anticipate brewing because we are going to have so much on our minds in the weeks leading up to opening doors.


The original recipe inspirations for a few of our beers came from a podcast that was recorded by one of my favorite beer-g...

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March 21, 2017

January 6, 2016

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