I'm Fox N Hare's Assistant Brewer and Cellarman. My top priority is cleanliness. Clean kegs, clean tanks, clean lines, clean brew house. A great beer recipe can be completely ruined by infection if the vessels they're contained in are not taken care of properly. Cleaning products must be used to insure the tanks, kegs, etc are ready for beer storage. I'm basically a beer...

Cold brew coffee simply takes kegged cold brew coffee, infuses it with nitrogen gas and passes it through a pressurized valve that contains tiny holes. As high pressure forces the cold brew past a disc, it creates a creamy, stout-like effect. The nitrogen affects both the taste and texture. It makes the texture more creamy. The end result is a glass of coffee that resembles a...

What attracted you to work at the Fox N Hare?

Aside from working for a local craft brewery? I wanted to pursue my passion for food/cooking/baking. Having worked in many retail and customer service positions, I felt kind of burned out.  As much as I enjoy interacting with the general public, I'm most happy in an environment where I am creating something for people to enjoy.


What was the overall design vision/inspiration for the project?

As lame as it sounds, we kinda let the building be what it once was. As times goes on, building materials change drastically and when enough time elapses, older building materials start to take-on charm and qualities that really stick out for better or for worse. Take exposed brick for example, exposed brick was hi...

How long ago did you start brewing and what were the early years like?

I started brewing around 7 years ago in my tiny apartment in Astoria, Queens.  I was working at a really amazing high-volume beer bar in Midtown Manhattan called The Ginger Man, a place with 70 rotating draughts and a 200+ long bottle list that included classic beers from dozens of different countries. Barte...

We are proud to announce that we will be serving-up some good eats and cold drinks at this year’s Dinner on the Delaware. This is a highly-anticipated annual event that is held at Riverside Park in Port Jervis. The Dinner on the Delaware allows visitors to sample food from restaurants located all over the Tri-state area. The restaurants and bars donate their time and food and...

Yesterday was my last day as a "Beersmith".  

It could not have been a better last day at a job.  I was surrounded by dozens of people that had become some of my closest friends over the last few years and that have helped to mold me into the person I am today.  Bex, our Taproom Manager, had a hilarious loop of photos from my time at SingleCut playing on the projectors all day...

“With the way water is being managed, we will run out of water long before we run out of fuel.”

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe,

Chairman of Nestlé Group

As a brewer and a card-carrying tree-hugger, one of the first things that I immediately found unsettling about the brewing process, especially on a commercial scale, was the gross amount of water that a brewer uses to create their produc...

We at Fox N Hare Brewing Co. are aware that there are many people who have never had the opportunity or option to visit a modern day craft brewery. More so, we realize that many people have no desire or interest to ever set foot in one. This is perfectly acceptable because not all things are meant for all people. However, it is important to understand the potential social and...

Christmas came a little late this year, but we could not be more excited. We finally closed a deal with the City of Port Jervis to take over the title of 46-48 Front Street. As part of the Mayor’s effort to re-engage and revitalize the downtown area of Port Jervis, they (The City) agreed to deed us the title of a 3 story building in exchange for the promise to bring the buildi...

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